These are the lyrics to Capital King’s latest single, ‘We Belong as One’

Capital Kings released their debut, 10 track album on the 8th of January this year, featuring some great collaborations with TobyMac on the track ‘We Belong as One’ and Faily Force 5 on the track ‘The Paradigm’.

For their first album, we had a taste of what to expect from a few singles they released on their EP, ‘I Feel So Alive’. The production is crisp and is focused entirely towards the youth of today with powerful synthesisers, bone shaking bass and intense drops.
Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself bobbing your head, singing along or dancing around your room on fire, these are all products of Capital Kings doing exactly what they’re meant to be doing and doing it best.

I spent a few days with the album on repeat soaking it all in, the lyrics are powerful and moving. I wasn’t let down by any of the songs on the album and am definitely getting my hands on a copy of the second album when it is released.
Although there are no hints of a second album yet, for the time being, this first album will keep you on your toe’s for some time to come.
Attending a Capital Kings live concert is high up on my bucket list.

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